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14" Inch 180w Electric Radiator Cooling Fan Adjustable Fin Probe Thermostat Temperature Switch Kit

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Electric Fan: Universal 12v high performance 14" inch electric radiator cooling fan. Upgraded 180 watt motor draws 14... Read more

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Electric Fan:

  • Universal 12v high performance 14" inch electric radiator cooling fan.
  • Upgraded 180 watt motor draws 14 amps, producing over 2964 CFM.
  • Configured as an air puller by default or reversible to an air pusher.
  • Includes mounting bracket feet and complete cooler fin tie strap kit.
  • Measures 15" x 14" x 4" thickness at center and slim 1.8" at edge.

Wiring Kit:

  • Universal automotive 12 volt electric fan switch relay wire harness.
  • Safely powers one 12 volt cooling fan or accessory without splicing.
  • Maximum continuous draw with 40 amp circuit breaker protection.
  • Simple 4 pin relay 40A and 6 feet of 14AWG wiring allows flexibility.
  • Installation wiring diagram and all pictured components included.


  • Universal adjustable automotive electric fan thermostat switch sensor.
  • Turn-on range of 32-248'F with turn-off always set at 15 degrees less.
  • 3 pin design allows for wiring as a normally open or closed circuit.
  • Probe pushes between radiator fins or inserts into coolant hose line.
  • Detailed install instructions, wiring diagram and hardware included.

NPT - American Standard Pipe Thread/Taper Guide:

NPT is not a measured size, but rather an industry call out size.
The NPT call out designation is not the true thread diameter inside or out.



1/8" NPT 0.405" (Approx. 13/32")
1/4" NPT 0.540" (Approx. 1/2")
3/8" NPT 0.675" (Approx. 5/8")
1/2" NPT 0.840" (Approx. 7/8")

AN Fitting Size Guide:

The AN numbers refer to the tubing OD in sixteenths of an inch.



4AN 7/16"-20 1/4" 0.22"
6AN 9/16"-18 3/8" 0.34"
8AN 3/4"-16 1/2" 0.44"
10AN 7/8"-14 5/8" 0.56"
12AN 1 1/16"-12 3/4" 0.69"
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