Replacement Adjustable Thermostat Turn-Dial & Mounting Disc Bracket


Replacement adjustable thermostat turn-dial & mounting disc bracket. Dial has Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature reference marks. Picture is for reference purposes only.

Adjustable Electric Fan Thermostat Mounting Frame Metal Bracket


Adjustable Electric Fan Thermostat Mounting Frame Metal Bracket.

Radiator In-Line Hose Joint Pipe Fitting Adapter 1/8" Inch NPT Sensor Port Kit


Universal radiator hose in-line fitting and 1/8 inch NPT port. Mounts anywhere along the radiator or condenser hose line. Universal for any car, truck, automotive or hot rod project Thermostat...

120'F Normally Closed Cold Start Advance Heater Thermostat Temperature Switch Sensor


Thermostat: Normally open single pin electric grounding thermostat switch. 3/8" inch NPT sized brass thread-in temperature probe sensor. Threads into block, radiator, engine cooler or tapped hose line. Grounds accessory...

Universal 3/8" To 1/2" Inch NPT Bushing Sleeve Adapter For Thread-In Brass Thermostats


Universal 1/2" NPT brass sleeve thread-in adapter for thermostats. Fits ALL American Volt brand 3/8" inch NPT thermostats and kits. Universal mounting for all automotive vehicles big and small. Mounts in engine blocks, manifolds,...

Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Adapter In-Line 1/8" Inch NPT Thermostat Sensor Gauge Port


Oil filter adapter sandwich plate with 1/8" inch NPT port. Made from high quality CNC billet T-6061 aluminum. Mounts easily between block and oil filter with o-ring seal. Provides (2)...

Engine Transmission Oil Cooler Straight In-Line Hose End Push-On Barbed Lock Fittings 4AN 6AN 8AN 10AN 12AN


Automotive engine transmission oil cooler in-line straight fitting. Standard adapter sizes with barbed push-on hose end fittings. Mounts on any engine oil cooler in/out port or along the hose. Universal and heavy duty anodized...

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