12" Inch Electric Auto Radiator Fan Adjustable Thermostat Controller Kit

American Volt
SKU: AV-1012-C-1-59
$69.95 $79.95
Electric Fan:
  • 12 inch reversible 12 volt electric cooling fan.
  • Powerful 80 watt motor will keep your engine cool.
  • Configured as an air puller out of the box.
  • Blade and wiring can be reversed to make the fan an air pusher.
  • For radiators, oil coolers, transmission coolers, condensers and more.
  • Includes mounting feet attachments and tie strap kit.
Blade Size - 11 Inch
Blade Type - Curved
Motor Size - 80 Watts
CFM Rating - 1400
RPM Rating
Amp Draw
- 2000
- 10 Amps
Material - Plastic Shroud/Steel Motor
Dimensions -12.5" x 11.75" x 2.5" thickness at center x 2.5" thickness at edge

Thermostat Kit:
  • Adjustable fan thermostat with complete installation wiring kit.
  • Measures liquid or contact temperature and turns on electric fan.
  • Flexible temperature turn dial control range of 32-250'F (0-120'C).
  • Thermostat can be wired to turn fan on or off when set temperature is hit.
  • Probe can be pushed into radiator, condenser, oil cooler fins or inlet tube.
  • Capillary thermostat tube wire is 30 inches in length.

Kit Includes:

(1) Adjustable Thermostat
(1) Turn Dial w/ Temp Markers
(5) Mounting Screws
(2) Butt Connectors
(1) 30 Amp Circuit Breaker
(2) Female Connectors
(1) 60 Amp Relay
(1) Large Ring Terminal
(3) Small Ring Terminals
(1) Wire Harness