Single Fan Adjustable Thermostat Switch Kit Radiator Coolant Sensor

American Volt
SKU: AV-1069-1-59
  • Adjustable fan thermostat with complete installation wiring kit.
  • Measures liquid or contact temperature and turns on electric fan.
  • Flexible temperature turn dial controller range of 32-250'F (0-120'C).
  • Thermostat is wired to turn fan on when preset temperature is hit.
  • Probe is pushed between radiator fins or placed inside water inlet/outlet tube.
  • Capillary thermostat probe wire is 30 inches in length.

Kit Includes:

(1) Adjustable Thermostat Control Unit
(1) Turn Dial w/ Mounting Screws
(1) Mounting Bracket & Screws
(1) 7 Foot Power Wire
(3) Butt Connectors
(4) 4" Wire Tie Straps
(2) Female Connectors
(1) 20 Amp Fuse
(1) Wire Tap Connector
(1) Small Ring Terminal
(1) In-Line Fuse Wire